Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Battle League Horumo (2009)

The Battles of the Thirteenth Girl still Continue:

Starting From the Beginning Once more with feeling.


Chiaki Kuriyama is an amazing Actress, appearing in films such as Battle Royale (of course), Kill Bill (2004), Azumi 2 (2005) and Exte (2007) but Her character in Battle League Horumo was usual because Fumi Kusunoki was a shy and reserved character. whereas Takako Chigusa in Battle Royale was a head strong character, who in the Novel and Manga is similar to  Mitsuko Souma because they are both misunderstood characters. Takayuki Yamada also is one of the cast member of Gantz and the whole cast of Battle League Horumo was an interesting combination of talent. The narrative itself from the perspective of the trailer was slightly different from what i was expecting and it was not until the ending when thing started to pick up. The film does go into detail to explain what Horumo is about so the view understands where the creature come from, it is also has a energetic theme running though the plot-line and  the audience are aware of all the subtle hints that are placed throughout the film which Akira Abe is unaware of. In the trailer Kyoko Sawara is portrayed as being a bit of a bitch but is the film She seem unaware of the impact that She made on other people, She did not spend much time in the film with Akira and there was no real communication between the two so the film was less about what the trailer indicated it was about. So the  film is about a group of teenager who join a cult so they can understand life better by battling with small creatures, they do so by preforming interactive dance and there is a big cloud god floating around; who exploded in a big ball of fire. Battle League Horumo is simply a off-the-wall comedy 

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