Monday, 4 February 2013

Love Strikes (2011)!

How stupid can you be ? 

Love strikes repeatedly with some cheese, but that was some good cheese.

The main concept of the film is that love is not perfect, it's crazy, bizarre  weird and takes us to places that we don't want to be but we are drawn to do so and for what? our main character, Yukiyo Fujimoto is looking for love but bites off more than he can chew when He meets Miyuki and His world changes for ever. It sounds like a simple love story but you would be wrong because His journey is more complicated than that. Yukiyo seems to have very bad luck in His life, No one respect's Him at work and everyone points out His false  At first you think that they are bullying Him but as you watch the film you can see that Yukiyo isn't as nice as He first appeared and His work mates are trying to knock some sense in to Him. Now as soon as Yukiyo meets Miyuki, He pretty much becomes obsessed with Her even though it is clear to everyone else that She has no real desire to be with him. Yukiyo ignores all ( She has a Boyfriend) logic and becomes ever so more captivated with Her. Even though it is obvious to the viewer and the people on the film that Miyuki is not interested in Him. The love element in the film are not glamorous at all, even though the characters are torn apart into pieces, They are built back up again, Bigger and Better than before. Yes Love strikes, Love hurts and Love is not simple at all: 

Yukiyo is only human at the end of the day, Throughout the film he makes massive mistakes like you would not be surprised if He would set someones house on fire. Now the reason you lose sympathy for Yukiyo is because of His obsession for Miyuki, the reason for this is Yukiyo ignore one of His opportunity with Rumiko to be with Yukiyo and despite Her character being quite charming. Yukiyo is a playgirl ( it is in the nature), where as Rumiko is a loyal character who is infatuated with Yukiyo and despite the film is hard to watch at times. It has a good point, Love is far to complex in real life to make a formal from it so how can film do that? The film is funny and entertaining, There is random sing and random dancing.The film is not meant to be taken seriously at all  but the ending was a little disappointing because despite the film's narrative going into different directions, the ending was pure cheese because He end up with Miyuki: This ending does not register or ring true at all. Not that the desired ending was Yukito being alone but there was Three other women in this film, two of which like Him ( Rumiko and Ai).

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