Monday, 8 July 2013

One Million Yen and the Nigamushi Woman (2008)

The Girl with the really bad name;

Life is all Rosie and peachy or something like that

One Million yen girl was not what I was expecting in context, one million sounds to be referring to someone with wealth but the film notes from the beginning that yen is a different currency and that it is not as much money as you is might expect. So the film is not about a rich girl; the genre of the film can be describe as comedy, drama where the female protagonist is on a journey of self discovery and is has Elements of a off beat romance which also part of the comedy elements. The film reminds me of The Wizard of Oz narrative except it is less fantastical and the Dorthy character keeps reminding people she has a criminal record. Suzuko is accused from the beginning of stealing one million yen but her character from the beginning of the film appears to be palsied and the accusation seems ludicrous but never-the-less she gains a reputation in her town. So her adventure begins; the one million yen becomes a symbol to her own journey because she feels portrayed by the people around and she then wants to search for whatever meaning she can find. There is a scene where a group of girls who have no real knowledge or past with Suzuko and slander her with second hand gossip which Suzuko does take laying down. Suzuko seems to be stuck with her label throughout the film;she  Consistently reminds people of her shady past and is wary of people deceiving her. The reason that the film is like The Wizard of Oz is because like Dorthy , Suzuko goes on a journey and discovers that the there is no place like home ironically or that she can't run away from her problems anyway.  The film can be described as ironic and contradicting at time; Suzuko appears to be a strong figure to her brother, others perceive her as a criminal when in fact she is a character who is to giving to other. in the end both Suzuko and her brother learn from each other to overcome their struggles that they have to face in their home town.