Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Don't Laugh at Our Romance (2008)

Seriously don't laugh at my romance

Staring L from Death Note as Mirume


Not many people have reviewed this film but it was hard to find nevertheless and it is not the soppy romantic comedy film that i imagined it to be. Mirume is a student,we are introduced to Yuri his love interest right at the beginning of the film who is stranded and trying to hitch-hike bad home but stubble upon the van that Mirume is in. i presumed that this was the begging of their story, although Yuri don't have any recollection of meeting Mirume afterwards when they are both at school together and Mirume mention this to her. which begs the question how intoxicated was she and a normal occurrence to her. it is also clear that En-chan like Mirume, she is quite jealous when he ignores her and spends all his time with Yuri. The film is filled with long pauses, awkward silences at time when it isn't being playful between characters and is trying to reflect on the characters emotional states. Yuri is the cause and effect of all the other character story; she turns both Mirume and En-chan into depressing characters although the characters have different outcomes. Yuri is an older woman which you don't realise at first, as well as other details about her life that Mirume didn't realise and make his life far more complicated than it needs to be. the overall film has some really interesting concepts asks the viewer questions how love and life differ from Hollywood love stories but I think it could have been a shorter film. Even though the film had some amazing scenes with made to questions the characters mentality in a charmingly hilarious way, it still dragged at times and was being more film noire than it was being a comedy .which i was expecting to see a comedy.