Sunday, 26 May 2013

GS Wonderland (2008)

Cross dressing like it's a Shakespeare play And music like the Beatles, 

what more can you ask for ?

Chiaki Kuriyama film have a subconscious expectation that Her character will die at some point in the film but GS wonderland had a interesting perspective of the music industry in  the 1960's. The appeal to the film at first glance is the glamorous life styles of bands in Japan in the 60's who happen to look like the Beatles and various other bands of the time and Chiaki Kuriyama cross dressing was a element that was amusing in it own way.The film is commenting on the struggles behind the glamour of the music industry and Miku Ohno (Chaiki Kuriyama) keeps becoming the main focus of the film because of the struggle in the music industry as a woman. The irony is that Miku Ohno is clearly a woman because even dressed as a man Chiaki Kuriyama is quite feminine but despite this the narrative demonstrate the alternative prospect of hardcore fans but raises many questions about femininity and masculinity. The advertising in the film from the photographs and the costumes to the vinyl-records where all thought out; What makes the film complete is the band rivalry which ends up being their own undoing. The costumes where impressive but at the same time because at times they where a little bit feminine which was pushing the concept of Miku's cross dressing skills in many different directions. The Boy's in Band are overwhelmed by the fame that they receive which is aimed at Chiaki Kuriyama's character, it becomes clear through out the film that the is popular because of Miku so when their secret is uncovered it is Miku is the one who benefits in the music industry in the long-term but the other member seem to love their passion for music when they have stardom. The film explores many issues of fame/ fortune that surround bands which includes the negative sides too and it also reflects on the the issue of women's rights of the time because Miku is desperate to make it big in the music industry so She is willing to do anything to achieve Her goal. Like Miku achieving Her solo career; this narrative turn is something that real Bands seem to do like Dianna Ross and the Supreme or Bob Marley and the Wailers. The interaction between Miku's and Her fans was hilarious, Miku's fans where overwhelming  and Miku's facial expression just made their reaction's even more comical but this fandom reflect on the fandom of the time ( bands like the Beatles) and even fandom to this present day.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Train Man: Densha Otoko (2005)

So.......Train man is your username ???

Train are Awesome :)

Train man (Takayuki Yamada, Gantz and Battle League Horumo) is a Nerd love story which from what was advertised involved a nerd call Train man who looks unconventional for a character; He has long hair and wears what can only can be described as train spotting clothing but the disappointing fact was within a short length of time the Train Man transformed His look to a more conventional appearance. Which the whole film was suppose to be looking beyond a persons appearance: The film is about the over whelming feeling of living in a big city and explores some of the diverse, crazy and wonderful characters who inhabit the city. Now there are Train in the film but from the title You would expect there to be more Trains involved in the plot sin-as-how Tokyo like any other city has lots of Trains and calling your self the train man is as useful someone trying to get drunk of coke-cola because anyone can be called the Train man. Despite the film being a romantic and despite being the hero that saves Hermes( Miki Nakatani, Ring And Memories of Matsuko) from the drunken passenger t the beginning of the film; The Train man is the weaker character and Hermes  almost becomes like a mothering figure toward the Train Man. Despite the Train Man's transformation, He still remains the unconventional character who relays upon other to approach Hermes but because of his lack of confidence , he is unaware that Hermes really likes hims and ends up failing epic-ally at everything He does because He is not being Himself. The film is ironically charming because despite The Train Man Transforming Himself to become more appealing to Hermes and appear more Socially acceptable; it becomes clear at the end that Hermes liked The Train Man from the beginning. Despite the ending being a classic happy ending , it still seems unexpected because the narrative doesn't seem to be pushed, the plot takes unexpected turns and the audience can see the Train man's struggle. The over plot seems realistic, The characters all have their imperfection like the Train man so the other Character relate to Him and in the end they learn from Him that Miracles can happen like a money tree or Miki Nakatani following a Nerd on a train. Happen's everyday :)