Wednesday, 26 June 2013

X Game (2010)

The film with more layers than an onion, Where the Good Guys are the Bad Guys and the the Bad Guys are really the Good Guys:

Monkey see Monkey do "It's all just a X Game"

X game appears to have a similar theme to Battle Royale at first glance, X Games is not disappointing and it is surprising to find the lack of interest on the internet for the film because the eleventh girl is impressed by the   diverse imagination of the overall plot. The narrative was well thought out to the point of the ending was not predictable; indeed the plot resembled Battle Royale but at the same time it resembled Ringu and had a aura of horror vs thriller. the plot tried to take the prospective of Mitsuko or  Sadako and tried to explain the reasoning behind the antagonist character. where as the film starts off very vague/ general in explanation, the film unfolds spectacularly and the viewer is intrigued by the behavior of the supposed villainous character . The villainous character has clear mental issues that are revealed to be triggered by being abused by the character which the audience assume to be innocent people at the beginning of the film. the difference with Battle Royale and X game is that Mitsuko is demonized as a character but Rikako Myojin has a explanation towards her behavior which the audience can sympathies towards even if She is cruel in her methods. The film was commenting about human nature , bullying more than Battle Royale did. To explain further Hideaki Kokubo seems like a innocent character through out the film , who has simplify towards Ritako Myoijin character but  he turns out to be as guilty as all the other characters that she punishes along the way; Like Battle Royale all of the character turn against each other in the end but unlike Battle Royale the plot has more drive and unlikely plot turns which the viewer is surprised to discover that Hideaki Kokubo's girlfriend is the psychotic girl ; but never-the-less the viewer has an more interesting ride on the prospective of the twist and turns of good versus evil as the plot thinned to reveal that people are far more complicated than being one dimensional characters.

Battle Royale and Ringu will always remain classical influential film but X Games deserves to classed as a contravention film because it keeps the viewer intrigued. Symbolism or imagery at the beginning of the film that makes no sense eventually becomes clear to the audience; There where some unnecessary moment though, with the mount to flashbacks going on in the film it seamed a little unnecessary for Tadashi Ishimatsu to explain the plot to Hideaki Kokubo and the film was a little sarcastic so it was hard to take it seriously at times because of the over acting. it is clear that all of the other character that are being punished along side Hideaki Kokubo don't care about one another and are getting a thrill out of the whole situation like they are attending a S&M party but Hideadi Kokubo takes to each situation like the hero. basically one of the main differences difference between Battle Royale and X Games is; the the plot in Battle Royale is here is the Good guys and here are the bad guys so it would makes sense that the good guys should win buy if you read the novel or manga you know that the story is far more complicated. on the other hand each character in the X Game has there positive and negative characteristics revealed so it depends on the prospective of the viewer to decide the morality of the whole situation. The ending of the film was a good chose but still Hideaki Kokubo's character still remained on the fence and His characteristics can only be described as stupid or oblivious .