Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Gantz (2011)

Here We come walking down the street:

Shooting Everything and Everyone that we meet, 

Gantz at first glance looks like an interesting film because it has the same production team as Death Note, it also has Kenichi Matsuyama who plays L and Manga adaptation's seem to be popular at the moment. The film is interesting to watch, I liked the concept that the outfits that they where wearing gave them superhuman powers and the concept that they did not chose the situation that they where in but some characters ever embarrassed the situation of rejected it. now I like the adaptation of Manga's in japan because japan always seem to do brilliant adaptation work in their film and the adaption gives the viewer's a chance to see one of the millions of Anime's in live action form. Kenichi Matsuyama seems to be in a lot of Manga adaptation films but one of the interesting fact about the film was even though some of the other cast members that where unknown to me, where go actors. The overall performance was interesting and gripping to the point wanting to read the Manga.

It is understandable that when it comes to adaptations of Manga that the director can not always manga to insert all of the material into the film so it is up to the audience to interact in other ways. The film is a survival Game like Battle Royale, where the characters die and are forced to live their second life's being controlled by an alien being. This not exactly what I was expecting because the front cover looks like a superhero movie but then again; it is a Japanese film at the end of the day and the theme is more complex than that.

Like Battle Royale the character are testiest for their endurance, but unlike Battle Royale there was no favoritism in the cat members and Kenichi Matsuyama's character is killed off. In fact most of the characters who play the game are killed off, except from Kei played by Kazunari  Ninomiya and Yoshikazu who is played Tomorowo  Taguchi. The film has a lot of blood and guts which Japanese films have perfected this on so many levels but they are fighting again aliens which was an interesting plot point. The aliens came in many different form, the second looked like where's Wally and It is almost as if the director has been adding a few unseen jokes like that on purpose :) They should add Comedy and Horror to the equation but beautifully done so. The reason it could be called as a horror is because the Characters are hunted down and they go through a lot of new characters quickly. the film is very philosophical and asks you to looks beyond your normal realms of knowledge

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Karate Girl (2011)

Not like High Kick Girl at all:

Once, Twice , Three times My sister

Unlike High Kick Girl (2009), The Narrative made sense and was enjoyable to want. There was some similarities between the two films but this was mainly in the beginning Where the teacher for High Kick Girl appeared but in Karate Girl He played the Girls father. Now this made sense that His daughters would seek out revenge eventually  over their father death which occurred within the first 10 minutes of the film so.The things in the film which where questionable, was How old where the characters? our Main character had a job, which I thought was a good concept but then is wearing a school uniform in the next scene. Why is one of the sisters wearing black and the over white? and What happened to the female character who was playing Kurenai Ayaka's boss because she was following Her around everywhere one minute and then she suddenly vanished from the film. But the director was really trying to make a good story-line which was appreciated and the acting was good . It didn't have a really sad story-line like Chocolate (2008), which has set a new standard of awesome in the kung-fu world but Karate Girl did have a sentiment concept. It is better than High Kick Girl, which is repeated constantly but that is because I was bitterly disappointed with High Kick Girl . Don't get Me wrong, both films have good martial arts but Karate Girl didn't have the power hungry teenage who was looking for trouble.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Linda Linda Linda (2005)


Korean Girl say's a friendly hello to Japan and sings a song:

Linda Linda Linda, Your amazing

The story is about the magic of music and how it bring a young Korean girl out of Her shell; It is about friendship and the intense magic music which is a universal expressive tool. The Korean girl sticks out as a character because I think the director wanted to have a distinction between the culture, Now I liked the film and would recommend it to anyone. I preferred Aki Maeda in this film, more than I did in Battle Royale and this has nothing to with Her acting ability in Battle Royale. It's just I actually get to see Her act this time because She had Her own screen time, now the whole film has a very enthusiastic vibe. It was obvious that film was about music but i did not realize that they would be singing that are real-life hits:
So the film is trying to promote Japanese music in an interesting way, people who are interested in Japan will probably like songs from Anime anyway and it does have Bae doo na from Air Doll (2009). Now Bea doo na plays the foreign student who struggles to fit in but then Her  then She goes on an exciting adventure with the band. Now Her character is important to the plot because She is different to everyone else, so She everyone in the story , including Herself evolves and changes for the better. She Learns Japanese Through singing songs and the character all discover a form of courage in themselves to do what they desire to most. The film is a light-hearted comedy which is enjoyable, also Bae Doo Na in the most resent Hollywood film Cloud Atlas(2012) and that also looks good

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead (2011)

What The? Extreme Ass-Toilet Humor:

Did I just say that? Seriously

There was a lot of toilet humor which can be said, Read the f*cking title and the fact there was no subtitles made the film impossible to get in to. The characters resembled a Japanese Scoopy Gang who like to change sexual partners every second and are surrounded by perverted camp Zombies; That pretty much explains the plot outline. I think somewhere between the suggestive facial expression, the constant toilet humor and the close up ass shots (interest was lost somewhere). The story-line had a childish sense of humor , which was a rather odd combination with the pornographic imagery , it would be like if Disney add pornographic imagery for educational purposes. But the film was interesting unlike Geisha Assassin which had not appeal at all, But never the less confusing and this is why I think the characters where dressed the way that the where because all the actresses look the same so to needed a way to identify them. But still I kept asking myself which female character was which? am I suppose to like this one or not? and with all these Flashback; I gave up on trying to figure stuff out and then I got bored.

The zombies where camp through out the whole film and I really liked the zombies to the point of they where the best thing in the film because they over complicated the story-line. the story seemed to spiral out of control and started to turn into a hentai type story-line at one point. This is when the blue dress Girl turns back up, Now the blue dress appears to be a bitch at the beginning, which She end's up being the villain in the end but the direction surprised me with Her sudden laddish behavior and toilet humor, which never did before or after this one scene. Nothing made sense and character acted out of character all the time. Their relationships between each other constantly changed, There is one underlining factor though, Zombies do like  flesh to the degree of you can see them perving on the some of the Main characters at the beginning. There is no suggesting in this film, it might as well have a sign over it that reads "almost porn but not quite there":