Thursday, 24 January 2013

Karate Girl (2011)

Not like High Kick Girl at all:

Once, Twice , Three times My sister

Unlike High Kick Girl (2009), The Narrative made sense and was enjoyable to want. There was some similarities between the two films but this was mainly in the beginning Where the teacher for High Kick Girl appeared but in Karate Girl He played the Girls father. Now this made sense that His daughters would seek out revenge eventually  over their father death which occurred within the first 10 minutes of the film so.The things in the film which where questionable, was How old where the characters? our Main character had a job, which I thought was a good concept but then is wearing a school uniform in the next scene. Why is one of the sisters wearing black and the over white? and What happened to the female character who was playing Kurenai Ayaka's boss because she was following Her around everywhere one minute and then she suddenly vanished from the film. But the director was really trying to make a good story-line which was appreciated and the acting was good . It didn't have a really sad story-line like Chocolate (2008), which has set a new standard of awesome in the kung-fu world but Karate Girl did have a sentiment concept. It is better than High Kick Girl, which is repeated constantly but that is because I was bitterly disappointed with High Kick Girl . Don't get Me wrong, both films have good martial arts but Karate Girl didn't have the power hungry teenage who was looking for trouble.

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