Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead (2011)

What The? Extreme Ass-Toilet Humor:

Did I just say that? Seriously

There was a lot of toilet humor which can be said, Read the f*cking title and the fact there was no subtitles made the film impossible to get in to. The characters resembled a Japanese Scoopy Gang who like to change sexual partners every second and are surrounded by perverted camp Zombies; That pretty much explains the plot outline. I think somewhere between the suggestive facial expression, the constant toilet humor and the close up ass shots (interest was lost somewhere). The story-line had a childish sense of humor , which was a rather odd combination with the pornographic imagery , it would be like if Disney add pornographic imagery for educational purposes. But the film was interesting unlike Geisha Assassin which had not appeal at all, But never the less confusing and this is why I think the characters where dressed the way that the where because all the actresses look the same so to needed a way to identify them. But still I kept asking myself which female character was which? am I suppose to like this one or not? and with all these Flashback; I gave up on trying to figure stuff out and then I got bored.

The zombies where camp through out the whole film and I really liked the zombies to the point of they where the best thing in the film because they over complicated the story-line. the story seemed to spiral out of control and started to turn into a hentai type story-line at one point. This is when the blue dress Girl turns back up, Now the blue dress appears to be a bitch at the beginning, which She end's up being the villain in the end but the direction surprised me with Her sudden laddish behavior and toilet humor, which never did before or after this one scene. Nothing made sense and character acted out of character all the time. Their relationships between each other constantly changed, There is one underlining factor though, Zombies do like  flesh to the degree of you can see them perving on the some of the Main characters at the beginning. There is no suggesting in this film, it might as well have a sign over it that reads "almost porn but not quite there":

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