Friday, 19 October 2012

Instant Swamp (2009)

Instantly Lucky...

Happy Go Kumiko Aso :)

Instant Swamp stand out in my mind because of the front cover that displays the actress Kuniko Aso who has featured in many rememberable film such as Ring 0, Red Shadow, Pulse and of course Casshern. So Instant Swamp is a Little different from the other role that are listed but the concept seemed appealing and the overall plot is very energetic compared. I like watching Asian comedies because it proves that some forms of sense of humour are universal and can be translated with out language.

The plot is mainly concerned with Kumiko Aso's character (Haname Jinchoge ), who has a very extrovert personality or just a bit extreme which ever way you perceive it. but the story starts out with Haname living a very content structured life and this until her mother ends up in a comer. The story is journey of our main character who eager to learn about who her real father is,  Haname starts to work for a man who she suspects to be her father but there is no real evidence of this but she still learns from him. The story is filled with unconventional characters who would not normally interact with each other and the elements that bring the ideas together is the slap-stick sense of humour.

The character seem to think that their problems will be solved by searching deep in their own past, Haname's thinks that her own problems are caused by the absence of the swamp that she lived next to as a child. The narrative is structured like a child's fairytale and it merges the narrative together with reality so the two become one truth . The film is about Haname's journey so it doesn't matter if it is influenced by her own perspective, every now and then we have other character perspective of Haname .

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