Tuesday, 21 January 2014

An Encyclopedia of Unconventional Women(2009)


An Encyclopaedia of Unconventional Women is an interesting film which is were divided into six stories which all told different stories about unconventional women and had different directors for each tale. each story was set out like an experimental episode which had no relevance or similarity with each other. I did not like all of the stories, even the narratives of the stories I enjoyed where fouled but you have to appreciate that narratives are trying to make a comment of Japanese culture and are personal interpretations of women or what make a woman unusual to society. most of the narratives show women who rebel against other people, the First woman rebels against apart of her classroom and wants to be grown up even through she is clearly a child at heart. The second wants to fight for her right to have free food but then doesn't want the food in the end even though she wins ( I think this mean she want the freedom of chose); The third woman obsesses over if she wants to wear a bra, she changes herself to become more famine but still doesn't want to wear a bra after all because she doesn't feel comfortable; the four woman doesn't want to be a woman and prefers to be a man so she auditions in a play to be a man; The five woman wants to get away from her life, she goes to a hot spring where she acts like a child and play's tricks on other people; the sixth girl obsesses over what over people think about her so much that she transforms the way that she looks in one day and become a different person because of it. I like the last story the best because Riisa Naka's character Ryoko Nakatani spent the whole narrative worring about what over people would think about her that she didn't notice that she had changed or other people saw her differentially. The overall film had a possessive message about individuality.