Sunday, 14 April 2013

Chasing world (2008)

The emptiest hospital in the whole world,

There is a whole lot of chasing and running in this film (ironic hey)

When the characters Tsubasa Sato is introduced , The Anime/ Manga Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle's is something that the name resembles which is ironic seen as how the narrative is essentially about the main character who transports into an alternative reality.The narrative drives Tsubasa to save the original world by saving the people from the alternative world but as the story progresses the original world seem less important to the narrative and Tsubasa seems to prefer the alternate reality where His sister is more active. In the original world, Tsubasa's sister is in hospital but there does'n appear to be any other patients in the ward that are seen and the doctor that is caring for His sister is so clearly a pervert that He may as well announce by wearing a signs around His neck because He is not being discreet about it. In both reality's you have the media which reflect on current event but both reality seem to be disinterested in sense to the strange evens that are occurring ; in the original reality you have mysterious deaths or suicide which there are no indication to investigations regard these events but that wouldn't follow the narrative. The narrative is not meant to be questioned like a dream within a dream ( inception) or playing a video game; the view understands that their are the heroes and villain's but there is no need to question the why and where's to the story-line in fact when the story is explained it make less and less have men who are dressed up as monsters, who are going around killing people for a game; there is a reporter who keeps turning up and she is more interested in capturing all the story rather than help the victims . Basically the narrative goes in loops and circles, it starts out looking like suicide circle vs fight club, then it turns into the matrix vs battle royale, or it could be described as being like spirited away vs the girl who leapt through time with some stars wars costumes added ( there where allot of concepts that didn't connect that where floating around).

 Things that where good about the film, where the fact that the end was only the beginning, you where left questioning if all of what happened was a dream or not because no of the reality's made sense after all. Tsubasa was shocked to hear his sister speak but though-out the film he is filled with a desire to hear his sister speak because he feels abandoned and it is almost like he has given up on the world around him so it would make sense for him to make a world up for himself to escape to (even if that world has monsters in it).   The film does what is says on the tin, The characters are chased from the beginning to the end of the film and they are hunted down by monsters but the meaning behind the film was a little lost. The second film doesn't have the original cast in it though, but the first film had some interesting costumes in it though and the monsters alone are a good enough reason to watch the film. even if they have brilliant hunting still until they face the main characters where upon they become defective. 

Monday, 8 April 2013

Kamui : The Lone Ninja (2009)

Tales of a Awesome:

There are of symbolism and pretty pictures

Kamui is a Ninja searching for freedom but the whole film is iron in it's approach, The film switches to Manga imagery from time to time and it has a similar atmosphere to Dororo (2007) . The characters in the film are constantly changing as the situations in the film progress, we see Kamui when he is training with Kashiwabara but we are not told how told He is, Never-the-less Kamui and Kashiwabara even from the beginning have a different ideals. The first half of the film there is the most Ninja action where Kamui strides from tree to tree in a Feline, Kamui is a character with a complicated past so he is always on the move and when He meets a family that He becomes attached to. Even then He cannot escape His past, Now the confusing thing was that people in the film did question the fact there was a old man drawing pictures all the time, Kamui didn't until the end because the old man also has been seen around the enemy. Fudo is a Ninja/ Pirate, He tricks Kamui into believing that He is on His side by asking Him to join His clan and then turning against Him at the last second by killing Kamui's friends. Gonbei constantly seems drunk or on some kind of substance in the story-line,  He and Ayu (Anna Tsuchiya) are not involved a lot in the narrative but  they represent a different outlook to the society  Kamui lives in. lastly we have Yoshito, who is also a confusing character , He is in love Sayaka but when Her father tell's him to back-off, He thinks the solution to get with Sayaka is to get the father arrested ? Hanbei's wife is also a blast from Kamui's past , She is suspicious of Kamui throughout the film but eventually accepts Him but it is far too late by this stage. The film is filled with irony, Kamui's journey as a Ninja is endless or never-ending so His adventure with Hanbei's family is assumed to be one of many and He is constantly searching for freedom. You sympathies with Kamui , He can't escape His destiny as a Ninja and He seems to have a reputation that constantly hounds Him down ; You have a better understanding of Kamui by comparing Him to the world around Him.