Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Linda Linda Linda (2005)

Korean Girl say's a friendly hello to Japan and sings a song:

Linda Linda Linda, Your amazing

The story is about the magic of music and how it bring a young Korean girl out of Her shell; It is about friendship and the intense magic music which is a universal expressive tool. The Korean girl sticks out as a character because I think the director wanted to have a distinction between the culture, Now I liked the film and would recommend it to anyone. I preferred Aki Maeda in this film, more than I did in Battle Royale and this has nothing to with Her acting ability in Battle Royale. It's just I actually get to see Her act this time because She had Her own screen time, now the whole film has a very enthusiastic vibe. It was obvious that film was about music but i did not realize that they would be singing that are real-life hits:
So the film is trying to promote Japanese music in an interesting way, people who are interested in Japan will probably like songs from Anime anyway and it does have Bae doo na from Air Doll (2009). Now Bea doo na plays the foreign student who struggles to fit in but then Her  then She goes on an exciting adventure with the band. Now Her character is important to the plot because She is different to everyone else, so She everyone in the story , including Herself evolves and changes for the better. She Learns Japanese Through singing songs and the character all discover a form of courage in themselves to do what they desire to most. The film is a light-hearted comedy which is enjoyable, also Bae Doo Na in the most resent Hollywood film Cloud Atlas(2012) and that also looks good

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