Sunday, 17 February 2013

Nana (2005)

In search of the Nana:

Remembering Your Future, Yesterday.

After watching Nana the live action film, It seemed appropriated to watch the Anime also, the Film is enjoyable but there was a lot of moment when I felt there was suggestions throughout the plot that the Anime may explain a bit more. After Kamikaze Girls (2004) and Sakuran (2006) were released which Anna Tsuchiya stars in both of them; Anna Tsuchiya is not just a Actress, She is a Model and rock star from Japan ( Which You Probably know already But I am trying to explain the my interest in the film), Anna Tsuchiya has released songs for Nana, Now when A film has good actors interested in the film and acting in the film it makes perfect sense that it is going to be a good film, right  :) Now they have a second film but I have no interested in watching that, for one thins they changes the actress who played Nana Komatsu ( Aoi Miyazaki) and secondly because I am more interested in the Anime now. Nana Komatsu's character in the film seemed unexplained, And in the Anime it explains that there is more to a person that there appearance, Nana Is not just a Typical innocent Lolita character and Nana Osaki just a rock chick. The film reminded me of  Kamikaze Girls or even Cutie honey (2004), In regards of the two female characters being so different in personality but they learn to accept each others personality's in the end.Now what is appealing about the film , is the rock elements and the fact it is about an unusual friendship and it would be boring if the characters where exactly the same as each other. It is not what your expecting and it is light hearted like Kamikaze Girls.

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