Saturday, 2 March 2013

Mitsuko Delivers (2011)

Just take the pickle for the love of Mitsuko ??

Everything is just really really cool...........

Mitsuko Delivers is full of drunk logic and awkward moments: the whole film is full of question and no answers; what does Mitsuko Delivers apart from a baby. the conclusion is a bunch of questions on society and peoples attitudes about pregnancy or even women on a whole. We see Mitsuko as a young girl and a pregnant adult so that that We gain an insight into why She is the person She has developed into. Mitsuko is not influenced By Her parent but instead a stranger whom She  Starts calling grandma, now the reason I mention that it is a film about society is that the characters are not be like or hated but instead there is a big difference in the strengths between characters. you have the individuals that run away from the problems and the individuals that stand and fight; Now Mitsuko is one of the characters that stands and fights for what She believes in until the end of the film when She goes into labor. The film show the strength of women whether they are young or old; the film also questions the generational gap throughout society and the difference in attitudes and Mitsuko's grandma teaches Her a lot about life which develops Mituko's overall character for the better. Basically Her grandma teaches Her not to runaway from her problems and stand and fight, The effects of Mitsuko's attitude benefit everyone for the better even though some individual seem psychotic at time the overall message is trying to portray a positiveness message. the film is not main stream, it is art-house, exploitation or even a feminist film; even though the main character is pregnant , it is not not about pregnancy but rather about life and death with the journey in-between. 

Life is what you make it, I am going to make it. No matter what it takes, we gonna take it.

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