Sunday, 24 March 2013

Shock labyrinth (2009)

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The films main narrative structure seems to be caught in a constant loop of cause and effect, how the characters cause instants to occur and how their action effect the overall picture.each characters blames themselves for their past which involves the disappearance of Yuri and their logic seems to be ever misunderstood or misread by their own logic because they are looking at their own lives through a child prospective. the reasoning behind the girl being left behind does not make sense and neither does the the reasoning for the children wondering in to the abandoned building which seems to have a alluring atmosphere. the camera work was interesting and with 3D movies being ever so more popular it is amazing to see japan also making movies in this way like there counterpart america. the director Takashi Shimizu also is responsible for the Tormented (Rabbit Horror 3D) 2011 and the Ring is being rebooted into 3D form. Shock Labyrinth is nothing like Ju-on because it is 3D film the imagery is crisp and clear but in Ju-on the camera work is a little grainy or like a handheld camera to get a more realistic effect. the symbolization of the rabbit is interesting because it reflects on the adults lost innocence and at the same time it is a entity that is feared greatly by the adult because it represents the mistakes that they have made. but the building that the children/adults are in is a place where time doesn't seem to follow in a natural order but instead the bleed into each other in an eternal loop. the film is not a Horror but instead it is like a dream that turns into a nightmare at the end; the building that they are in has many different statues that come to live and the question is it all real or a made up dream that one boy has to keep himself from feeling guilty. the monster or ghosts are like dolls and this reminds me of Doll Master (2004) with is a Korean film but the convection of dolls coming to life or human becoming dolls are similar. both films are about being abandoned, maybe Takeashi Shimizu was inspired by the Korean film, that would explain the whole concept of the dolls, the most interesting character in the film was Yuri accuser She was the cause of the situation but even she was a complicated character and her relevance was misunderstood. The dolls symbolize in a way the fragile state that Yuri is in,the film also refers to mental health issues that Ken has.

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