Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mutant Girls Squad (2010)


Interest Failing... Brain Freeze ! !

why you do this ??

Visually Mutant Girl Squad was what I expected and the film resembled Tokyo Gore Police at the beginning but soon toke another direction in the narrative structure. But the film seems to be the Japanese version of X-men, the mutants look less human and more mutant and even has a bit of Tentacle erotica inserted in there. Like the X-men, the mutants are rejected by society and are hunted down but unlike X-men the mutants are not glamorised at all. The narrative of the film was similar too other projects that  Yoshihiro Nishimura  has been involved with but it seemed to a little bit over crowded with ideas and concepts which over whelmed me, I think my main problem was that i was expecting the film to be like Tokyo Gore police or Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl so when there was no real distinction between the main female protagonists, the story became overcrowded with concepts. The films concept would be if Buffy teamed up with the Charmed Sisters, which sounds like an awesome concept but if everyone of them wanted to be the chosen/ main character then that doesn't sound fun anymore.

Visually the movie was as interesting but the narrative structure was disappointing, this is after watching other films produced by Yoshihiro Nishimura and because I was looking forward to watching the film. our first character character Rin Nagisa starts out being very emo and there is an suggestion that she cuts herself (well this is produced by the guy who did the special effects in suicide circle). The film suggests that the monster inside her changes her personality but she was born with the mutation so explain that, like I said before about it being like X-men, being a mutant should not change your personality, unless they are suggestion that having more power changes people but the film really needed and excuse to go all kamikaze. Aki was the female that follows Rin around at the beginning, before Rin knows she is a mutant, it would appear that Aki and Rin have the same character structure. I think this is the main reason I lost interest, in Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl, vampire girl is bubbly or a positive person and Frankenstein girl is a bitch or a disruptive person.What I found amusing about the film was octopus girl AKA Kae


The film seemed to build up but the final battle ended allot sooner than they have done in previous film, there was a character which looked like Astro boy and because he cut himself I call him Emo Astro Boy. But like I keep sing, it is worth watching because the visuals where interesting as usual and the only reason I was disappointed was because the story was far too complicated than what it needed to be. Also like all  of  Yoshihiro Nishimura 's it has a Gorey sense of humour, his films are not made to be taken seriously but as a bit of fun and he is like a Japanese Quintin Tarentino.

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