Thursday, 19 July 2012

High Kick Girl (2009)!

Teacher/ Student Movie

Class starts Now Motherfucker :

The movie is presented like the main female character is the hero but the audience soon release that the narrative is a little more complicated than that. in fact Kei Tsuchiya is not our main female protagonist but instead she is  more of the cause of every ones troubles throughout the film. The first fight scene that Kei Tsuchiya was interesting but after a while it seemed to be predictable and the director seems to want have a more realistic effect to the film by allowing our female protagonist to lose. All the  character seem to be students apart from the Karate Maser, He is trying to to teach the other characters how to fight and behave because their actions have consequences. The karate master is the true main character, the film should not be called High Kick Girl but it should be called High Kick Teacher or something to that effect because the ending of the film is more interesting when the teacher takes over.

The teacher ends up having his Ass Kicked so that he can save his students but he shows an example to the students and they learn from this but it seems a bit too far fetched. The film tried to have some intense moments by pausing for dramatic effect but the pauses seemed to long and i was glad when the film was over. I enjoyed the movie but it was not what I was expecting because the director also produced Shoalin Girl which starred Kou Shibasaki and also was a awesome film. Some of the fights where over too fast but I can see what theme the director has in mind because the film has same theme as Shaolin Girl.

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