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Gothic and Lolita Psycho (2010)

Too Much Bible, Not Enough Psycho

Are you People Crazy ??

After looking through the Gothic and Lolita bible and watching film that Yoshihiro Nishimura's various titles. I came across Lolita and Gothic Psycho, which is a film that is not directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura but still he is involved with the visual effects. So when I came to watch the film , I was surprised at how disappointed I was at the how the film was portrayed and this is not because it was a bad film. In fact it was a good film but not the best film I have ever watched and I loved the costumes. The main problem I had with the film was the theme of the film itself , for it seemed not quite Japanese enough and the concept ran around Christianity which contradicted itself with themes of murder or revenge.  I honestly thought the film would have run on a simple theme like in Tokyo Gore Police or Helldriver but when I think of Lolita, Christianity does not come to mind because Christianity is a westernised concept. When I heard of the film, I had the concepts that had read in the Gothic and Lolita bible in mind but it was very Eastern concept of Victorian clothing.

 Like on the trailer that I watched for the film, the fight scene's where in fact interesting to watch and lasted a reasonable amount of time because our heroine didn't instantly win her fights but did so with style. Their where some Character , who where our heroine enemies but was very interesting in the way they dressed and acted. Like the Geisha at the beginning of the film had an amazing weapon the was designed in the shade of a skull and one thing that struck me about the film was its lack of Gore. I am not saying that the film had not blood but compared to other film's that Yoshihiro Nishimura has been involved with; it seems too sutle.

The felt like it had a number of different narratives or concepts running at the same time . As much as I liked the artist sides of the film and the Lolita girl, her motivation was a little vague because I had no idea that vicars where O.K with murder or even suggested it to the daughters. Also some scene's seemed to drag a little, like the one involving the Kamikaze gang which was apparent that they was going to lose but refused to give up.The Kamikaze gang where more of a street dancing club than a martial artists and the film turned into a dance movie for a while.

The movie did have some really good moment, but my favourite has to be when Lady Elle appeared and i know she is a one of Gothic Lolita's enemies. Still though Gothic Lolita was a very none descript character, even thought the audience understands the reasoning behind the characters persona was because of the mother's death, it was refreshing to have any emotion and we got crazy from Lady Elle. In the fight scene between Gothic Lolita and Lady Elle, Lady Elle is basically winning with out trying and the scene is very sarcastic and because the film is a contradiction i am hoping that sarcasm is a tool that runs through the whole film.  The only disappointing thing is Lady Elle's death even though it is predictable and it's not like i wanted Gothic Lolita to die but it felt like a new team was forming like the Justice League.

Another ironic thing that happens is her dad dies, even though her main mission is to seek revenge for her mothers death, she is the main cause of her fathers death and so the circle is complete. In the end , she turns into a demon type creature and the starts feel completely different like walking into a Buffy the Vampire Slayer scene. The make-up was interesting but after watching the film for that long time, the sense of this scene did not really fit and even though I saw the cover before watching the film. I was expecting to see the demon or creature before the end of the film and felt like it was added it plot twist on at the end. although the demon did make more sense than the christian storyline;

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