Sunday, 5 October 2014

Ultra Miracle Love Story (2009)

All this nonsense about cabbage's with brains

and people with no brains

I think that makes a whole lot of something?

ultar love story is a film i have been meaning to watch for a while and i really had to force myself to watch this film for many reasons. reason one is because even though it had my favorite actor in it, it felt like a child had written the script and my attention kept wondering off the screen toward other distraction. the film is not a love story and it makes you ask more question's about the characters then any other film; kenishi's character spends the whole film obsessing about about vegetables and acting so childish that he thinks it is a good idea to spray himself with pesticide.kumiko's charmer on the other hand was a straight laced characters, even though i have seen her in simulator roles, her character is usually bizarrely quirky in some way and she was a little to seriou in this role but saying that i think would be impossible to comment with a character like kenishi's who was constantly bouncing off the walls (that's not metaphorical in anyway shape or form). i am disappointed because of the shear fact that this film had two of my favorite actors are in the film but it was not how i envisioned it to be and there was not real acting chemistry between them. the film should be called either the "complex life of the cabbage patch kid" or "killer cabbage ate my brain" because those titles describe the film better i think.

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