Thursday, 20 September 2012

RoboGeisha (2009)

B#tch Please:

RoboGeisha Vs RoboGeisha Vs Everybody

RoboGeisha is produced by the director Noboru Iguchi, who was also involved with the making of film's like Tomie Unleahed, Machine Girl and Mutant Squad Girls. The film starts of with some robot's killing a business man which the explanation to why is not needed but soon after the first action sequence occurs. Our heroine of the film appears explaining the plot.....

Despite there being suggestion of Good and Evil through-out the film the real representation of the film is of prospective of characters. Every character have their desires that they plan to pursue but very individual as different perspectives of morality and will stop at nothing to gain whatever they want. Some of the characters want material possession and other want their life's to return to normal but all the characters use violence to gain this so the characters can not be classed as protagonist or antagonist.

The story concentrates on two sisters, Yoshie Kasuga and Kikue Kasuga who don't appear to have any kind of relationship at first glance. Yoshie is basically used like a door mat by her older sister the Geisha and Yoshie is not given the opportunity to shine but when she is angered by her sister she shows her true strength which is notice by one of her sisters client. The concept of the sisters relationship is a very complicated one, their roles of power seems to be swapped around throughout the film and this is way the film has no real protagonist because the two sisters are as bad as each other when comes to take advantage of a situation. The films storyline between the sisters is complicated because relationships in real life are not simple and it also give the film suspense when the two girl fight in the end scene for it is not clear if Kikue is going to be loyal to her sister or not ?

The two girls are basically taken away against there will to become Robot Geisha Assassin and eventually they start to assassinate various business people but they don't really ask question about why. Yoshie then discovers on one of her missions that she is working of a evil organisation but this just shows how naive she is, Robot or not because the men she is working for are not very shy about being greedy or just a bit corrupt. The best part of the film was when the towns people face up to the Evil company, simple because the wheelchair fighting sequence was both Epic and hilarious to watch. The artist design work was also up to scratch but the Building Robot just reminded me of an episode of Power Rangers but apart from that Noboru Iguchi are very Daring.

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