Thursday, 31 May 2012

Tomie Unlimited (2011)

The Neverending Story:

Tomie is Back

Tomie is a narrative that is originated from a Manga, now Tomie Unlimited is the latest movie adaptation of Tomie is directed by Noboru Iguchi who is not a name that I am familiar with but he is involved with  Yoshihiro Nishimura who was the make up artist of Tomie Unlimited. Yoshihiro Nishimura is the director of Tokyo Gore Police, Helldriver extra and is also a make-up artist so when it comes to his film but in Tomie Unlimited is a little bit toned down compared to his over films. Tomie is a narrative that Japan constantly remake like Godzilla or Kamen Rider Movies and the imaginary of the film is what I imagined how the subject would be portrayed simply because of the knowledge of how Yoshihiro Nishimura works plus the imagery is similar to the Manga imagery.  I am not 100% sure about the Structure of the Narrative of  Tomie Unlimited but the imagery was interesting the director when to trouble of including little details like the way Tomie behaves from the way she moves to the way he flicks her hair.

When looking though the Manga, the influences for Tomie’s transformation became clear and the image above proves to be ironic simply because it is a crucifix which is something that I would not associate with Tomie. The Narrative of the film take into consideration the importance of cameras being used in the Manga, also the film showed the characters being influenced by Tomie simply by her kissing them but the only questionable aspect of this concept is that there were no real limitation to the characters that Tomie kissed and the narrative started to become involved with insested or just mad orgy.

Even though the characters seem shocked at the return of Tomie they seem to accept her return far too easily. Tomie has not returned as a human, nor as a zombie, nor a ghost but she is something else which is almost demonic. She is obsessed with her look or she is using her looks to control the other characters but she drives the other characters to a type of insanity.

Tomie has to mention here appearance throughout the film and this because there has to be contrast between the monsters with is a part of the beautiful woman that seduces the other characters. But in the film Tomie's sister, Tsukiko asked a very important question of what was the reasoning behind why she was controlling the other characters and what her goal in the of the film because everyone was just killing randomly.
There seems to not be any real reason for Tomie wanting to control other characters because they always end up killing her but she seems to multiply and taking over the town but no one seems to notice this happening.

The film is a horror but it is not under the same category as Ringu, Grudge or even Audition. The film is not even an Exploitation film even though it has Yoshihiro Nishimura involved in the production, it is not a revengeful ghost film or even revengeful woman film but is a demonic woman film. The beginning of the film was a bizarre as the ending of the film because it was not what I was expecting.
If you are expecting a film like Tokyo Gore Police or Helldriver you will be disappointed but if you are looking at the film just because you are interested in Tomie the Manga or the over Tomie film then the film is an interesting interoperation of a classic.

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